Footpaths and Local Walks

This area is blessed with an abundance of beautiful countryside and the FMLCC boundary includes SBC footpath route no 99 which can be downloaded  here: 


Further afield, there are walks on the berwickshire coast and you can download a PDF from the SBC website for walks around Eyemouth.



In order to respect property and livelihoods,  please be aware of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code  familiarity with which should help you know your rights when out walking and keep you out of possible trouble - especially with regard to walking with dogs.



What are Access Rights?


Section 1 of the Act states:

“Everyone has the statutory rights established

by this part of the Act”. These are the rights

to be on (for the purposes below) and to

cross land.  Land includes all land, plus inland water and

intertidal foreshore, plus above or below land.


"The right may be exercised only:

for recreational purposes;

for the purposes of carrying on a relevant

educational activity, or;

for the purposes of carrying on,

commercially or for profit, an activity

which the person exercising the right

could carry on otherwise than

commercially or for profit."


Downloadable PDF of summary information

document  Scottish Outdoor Access Code


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