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Car Boot Sale 2019 - due to the community council being in recess it is with regret that this years boot sale is now CANCELLED.




















Important Information - 20th July 2019 


Foulden, Mordington and Lamberton Community Council has accepted the resignation of Gregory Lauder Frost as Chairman of the Community Council.  All members would like to thank Gregory for his service and hard work over recent years.


Due to the current lack of councillors and hence a Quorum, the Community Council is going into a temporary period of abeyance, during which time it is anticipated that the community at large will focus on the future of the Community Council and its operation.  It is hoped that new members of the community will come forward to serve on the Community Council, to boost numbers, reinvigorate and bring in fresh ideas and support.



21st February 2019 - Community recycling centre opening hours changes


From 1 April 2019, changes are being made to the opening hours of Scottish Borders Council’s community recycling centres across the Scottish Borders.  The changes aim to ensure the service better meets the needs of the public and is more sustainable for the Council. Full details on the changes in opening hours   of the recycling centres and what you can take there to be disposed of can be found here.


13th January 2019: Report of Meeting re Willowdean house planning proposal.


At a standing room only packed meeting of the community council on Monday, 7th Jan at Foulden Village Hall the Willowdean planning application was universally condemned. In particular the single-lane road was of great concern. The applicant's agent has told the SBC that this road is only lightly used. This is simply untrue, and numerous people who resided on and used the road were present to state otherwise.


In accordance with the wishes of 98% of the community the council will oppose this application. Please Note, the Community Council have an extended deadline of 23rd January to do this and are currently working on a response.



3rd January 2019


An application has been made to the SBC (21 Dec 2018 -  18/01479/FUL)  to site a vast permanent (stationary) caravan park in the 17.3 acres of prime agricultural land at Willowdean House (a modern house). To say this would be a blot on the landscape would be an understatement. This will not be an asset to our community. Far from it.    Please be aware of this application. You can view it on-line and post any objections also on-line.   In the summer an independent petition was taken of every household in Foulden parish on this and 98% opposed it.  The Community Council are supporting our community in opposing this.   We will be having a meeting on Monday 7th January, at Foulden Village hall at 7.15 to discuss this application - all welcome. To get the full picture - you can view key documents here:  


Site Plan | Landscape, Contour & Lighting Plan | Lodge Example Plan



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