Planning Applications

Please see below the current applications at planning for Foulden Mordington and Lamberton Community Council Area.  



The community council receive a copy of all applications for their area of responsibility, and will make a response.  Individuals who are concerned with any applications in their area, should respond on the SBC website by lodging a comment.  This can be done either in support of, or against,  an application.  


To check the state of play of any application in which you are interested you will have to go to the SBC website via this link and copy the planning number into the search box.  





Applications:  decision awaited:


20/00067/FUL | Erection of 52 holiday lodges with office, reception/shop and formation of associated roads and parking | Land North West Of Willowdean House Foulden Scottish Borders


18/01479/FUL | Erection of mobile holiday lodges with office, reception/shop, installations hydro generator, and formation of associated roads and parking | Land North West Of Willowdean House Foulden Scottish Borders


18/00940/FUL – Siting of Chalet for Holiday Let – N. of 9 Lamberton Holding. – renewed application following withdrawal of 17/01535/FUL – pending


18/00983/FUL - Erection of 2 Windturbines (58 Ft High) – On hill at land west of 6 Lamberton Holdings, Lamberton – retrospective application to 17/01348/FUL to approve repositioning of turbines. - FMLCC objections submitted - Pending.


18/00961/FUL  New dwelling house Plot 3 NE of Old Church, Lamberton. New house design based on site of previous submission approved by appeal. FMLCC objections submitted – pending


18/01362/LBC  Internal alterations outbuilding Edrington House Mordington. Retrospective application.


18/01378/FUL  New School House, Kerrigan Way Foulden. Small extension to single storey dwelling.



Applications:  decision made:


18/00374/FUL | Siting of 16 No mobile pig arcs | Land South East Of 19 Lamberton Holding Lamberton Scottish Border - Approved



18/00569/FUL – Erection of Porch at Druim Mor, Woodlands, Foulden – No Objections by FMLCC -Approved


18/00642/AMC – Erection of dwellinghouse (approval of all matters specified in conditions) – Land West of Lamberton Lodge, Lamberton. –revised application – previous application 17/01412/AMC – Design still inappropriate for the site and further objections were sent by FMLCC.- Approved


18/01087/FUL Extension to dwelling house Braeside 4 Mordington Holding, Mordington. Approved under delegated powers.



17/01221/AMC | Erection of dwellinghouse with attached garage (approval of all matters specified in conditions 12/01560/PPP) | Garden Ground Of Pinewood 43 Foulden Newton Scottish Borders -

* Approved subject to conditions (April 18)


17/01708/FUL  | Change of use and alterations to outbuilding to form dwellinghouse for

holiday let  | Land And Outbuilding South East Of Dubh Sgeir, Moorpark Foulden Scottish Borders - *Withdrawn (March 18)


17/01535/FUL |  Siting of chalet for holiday let | Land North Of 9 Lamberton Holding Lamberton Scottish Borders - *Withdrawn (March 18)


17/01348/FUL | Erection of 2 No wind turbines 17.8m high to tip | Land South West Of 6 Lamberton Holding Lamberton Lamberton Scottish Borders - *Approved  (March 18)